the girl friends inc.
The Cincinnati Chapter

In the summer of 1954, nine close friends gathered at the home of Arietta Graves and became known as "Les Femmes" with a burning desire to become members of Girl Friends, Inc. Our charter members were : Sue Elliott-Carroll, Alice Overton Dillard, Agnes Elliott Duncan, Arietta McGoodwin Graves, Marguerite Clemmons Hall, Roberta White McClain, Allene Hinson Renfro, Marietta Renfro Glenn and Christine Boone Turpeau.

Allene Renfro had very close ties with Goldie Beckett, Louisville Chapter; Marguerite Hall and Joyce Carwin were Texas teenage friends; Sue Carroll and Wilhelmina Brown, Pittsburgh Chapter, were dear friends.

The Louisville Chapter agreed to sponsor "Les Femmes" and urged that we contact every Girl Friend that we knew to ask for their support. Girl Friend Corinne Blanton, the designer of the Girl Friends Emblem, and Boy Friend John moved to Cincinnati from the Buffalo, NY Chapter and joined the cam-paign for membership.

In May of 1960 the group was accepted along with Toledo. November of 1960 marked the "first birth of twin chapters" as Joyce Carwin, National President said when Cincinnati and Toledo were installed in Cincinnati at the Sheraton Gibson Hotel.

We were thrilled when Arietta Graves was elected National Chatterbox Editor in 1965; Marguerite Hall served as National Vice President in 1968 and Celeste Jenkins served as National Secretary (1993-95). They all served with distinction.

Since 1962, we have welcomed the following Girl Friends: Rose Phillips Galloway, Letty Hughes Collier, Mary Hill Elliott, Evelyn Weaver Jones, Horvena Sudduth Alexander, Waldine McGoodwin Ziegler, Yvonne Warren Brown, Gloria Johnson Darden, Juanita Prentiss Evans, Helena Harris Dorsey, Lucille Hooper Conliffe, Eva Clark Mitchell, Gloria Holmes Riley, Ernestine Mclver Wright, Minette Norris Cooper, Celeste McDonald Jenkins, Gail Riley Kenney, Constance Wilcher Cooper, Lana Turner Hackworth, Gayle Harden-Renfro, Lorna Hawkins Turpeau, Deborah Carroll Long, Blondean Orbert Nelson, Patricia Cawthon Melford, Louise Mitchell Lawrence, Patricia Hooks Gray, Karen Dorsey Bonner, Miriam Kennedy West, Alva Jean Jamison Crawford, Winona Lindsey McNeil and Deborah Parker Spradley. Corinne Jones Blanton, Lisa Finley Lennon, Janet Butler Reid, Janice Dawson Merritt and Regina Plair Daily are transfer members.

We were the Host Chapter for the National Conclave at a "Roman Holiday" in 1968. We sponsored the Houston Chapter in 1974 and were Host Chapter for the Executive Board meeting in 1979.

Our chapter of Girl Friends has made significant contributions to the Cincinnati community. We have a NAACP Life Membership. We have supported the United Negro College Fund, Scleroderma Foundation, Camp Stepping Stones, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Arts Consortium, Urban League and the YMCA.